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Sussan is born 27th of September, 2014


Hips A

Elbows 0/0

OptiGen A

EIC Carrier

CNM Clear

Narcolepsy Clear

HNPK Clear

Dilute Free


Sussan is our new girl, coming from Loretta Labs from Mexico. She is very happy, outgoing and showy girl.

Thank you Juan Carbonell for letting us have Sussan!





Candidate for champion of Croatia

Pointed for Junior champion of Serbia

Candidate for International Champion


* Sussan was shown two times in USA before she came to us. She went 2nd prize at Troy Kennel Club Inc, West Springfield, and was shown in 6-9 months class at Potomac 2015.

* Sussan went Best Puppy at International Show Skopje, May 2015.

* Sussan won the Junior females and went Junior BOB two days in a row at International Shows in Ohrid, 2015.

* 2nd in big and strong Junior class under Mrs. Camila Adams (Camelot Labradors, USA) at Danube Winner Club Show 2015.

* Junior Winner at Debeljaca Show 2015

* Best Bitch with CACIB at International Show in Skopje, Feb 2016

*Res Best Bitch with RCACIB at International show in Skopje, Feb 2016 and a NEW CHAMPION!

* Winner of intermediate class with CAC at Specialty Club Show in Croatia under Mrs. Margaret Brown, UK 2016

* 2nd in Champion class with RCAC at LRKV Club Specialty Vojvodina under Mrs.Sussie Wiles, UK 2017

* 3rd in Champion class at Specialty Danube Winner Club Show under Mrs.Eva Vilamo, Finland 2017






Sussan, 12 months of age, in the show ring under Mrs.Camila Adams of Camelot Labradors, USA


Sussan, 11 months of age




Sussan, 8 months of age





Sussan, 6 months of age, at Potomac 2015









Father MEX CH Greenstone's Hawthorne


Mother Queijeiro Tuna


Grandfather MEX CH Tabatha's Caffu Queijeiro


Great-grandfather AM CH Hyspire Shahli Hotter Than Blazes


Great-grandfather AM CH Lubberline Martingale


Great-grandmother AM CH Tabatha's Gala


Great-great grandfather AM CH Tabatha's Sport